Italian Courses for Companies and Organizations

Customized Business Italian Courses For Companies

We are always happy when companies and organizations contact us, so that we can spread the knowledge collected during years of experience in teaching Italian to such different students.

We know how to teach employees the Italian they need to speak and write in their job (and we love to explore the kind of business they work in!). Our team is able to take care of your project with a 360-degree-view, which means we donโ€™t lie.

That is, we may not know your business at a first glance, but we are very quick learners and great at discovering the niche language that your Italian customers and suppliers use to speak.

We truly believe professionalism means empathy rather than standardization.

Cultural Italian Courses For Your Employees

We love to organize online courses about the Italian culture. Our teachers can cover a range of expertise that has engaged and keeps engaging students from all over the world who share the same interests.

In our catalogue you can find courses about art (in particular, we have one about Leonardo Da Vinci e one about Caravaggio), about folklore (driven by a phd anthropologist who really likes telling bizzarre stories about Italian local festivals), about Italian cinema (our movie maker really knows everything about the Italian director Federico Fellini!).

Other courses such as the one about Italian comic history and about Italian literature are on the go! Which ones would you like to offer to your employees?

Give your company a cultural boost.

Some organizations we worked for…

  • AVSI Ong Kampala
  • Lardo Restaurant in London
  • Exchange program for American graduated students in Italy

What our clients say about us…

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  1. Our course, titled “Travel” with Online Italian Classes was exactly what I was looking for to prepare my group to travel Italy for a month. The class delivered practical and relevant information for how to order at a restaurant, how to ask for and give directions, how to navigate trains, and much more. The teacher, Sara, delivered the course almost exclusively in Italian, and brought lots of enthusiasm and energy to the classes. The level was appropriate for my group (A2) and Sara was able to push each student appropriately according to their abilties. Barbara and Sara were also both very flexible, and customized the course material to meet my group’s needs. I highly recommend considering Online Italian Classes for any Italian course you are considering, either personally or professionally!

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