Italian language school story

We are a small language school based in Italy built on authentic espresso, pizza and a caring attitude. Our teachers are 100% native Italians and intrepid travellers who have experienced how difficult it can be to learn a foreign language.

Barbara teaching Italian in Cracow, Poland

How Barbara became a native Italian teacher

Barbara is the founder of the school. She is young, loves writing and cultural exchanges. Barbara has a degree in Sociology from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) in Milan. After graduating, she travelled abroad to explore real life experiences of what she had studied.

When Barbara later returned to Italy, she became a copywriter and recounted her travel experiences in her blog La città nascosta. Barbara then became a digital nomad, working remotely while travelling continuously.

Barbara teaching Italian in Zagreb, Croatia

Not only online Italian teachers

During her travels, Barbara realised that many people are in love with Italian language and culture and so she began teaching others her mother tongue. In order to enhance her teaching skills, Barbara completed the Cedils Certification to become a qualified teacher of Italian for foreigners. This was just the beginning of her creating this school.

Once in Italy again, Barbara started to teach Italian using a growing new method: online video calls. She experienced the effectiveness of teaching and learning using this technology and absolutely loved the experience.

In the following few years, Barbara started running her own school using the knowledge and skills that she has gained over her experience of teaching Italian to foreigners. Her teaching philosophy is underpinned by motivation, passion and honesty. This, combined with imparting of a solid approach to grammar, and interesting real-life type exercises, are the ingredients for rapid and lasting learning.

Online Italian Classes now counts on a team made of five great teachers who support Barbara’s teaching philosophy by enriching the school catalogue with a range of cultural online courses in small groups (that you should definitely have a look at!).

Barbara explaining how to prepare authentic spaghetti carbonara.

Who is an Italian teacher online?

An online Italian teacher is a person who can guide you in learning Italian online. In fact, the most effective way to learn a language like Italian (and to do it online) is to keep motivation high. In order to do that, our online Italian teachers like Barbara follow a method aimed at keeping students’ motivation high. In each online meeting, teacher and student share engaging stories and commit to complete a task for the following week. Barbara and the other Italian teachers love stories: they will tell you what’s going on in Italy and can’t wait to know what’s going on in your life, in Italian of course.

Our group courses in Italian online

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