Our Italian Language School Story

Online Italian Classes is a boutique online school for adult learners with a mission that extends beyond language acquisition. We aim to uncover the most authentic aspects of Italian culture, whether for fun, business, or other necessities.

How the School Works

Anyone interested is welcome to join the online learning community at any stage of their learning journey:

  • Followers can start by reading and listening to the blog/podcast called ‘Italian Stories In Italian,’ which includes a vocabulary list (IT-EN) to support comprehension.
  • At any time, they can decide to become students by trying a 1:1 online class with a teacher from the school team and then choose whether to continue with a package of classes scheduled at times and dates that better suit them.
  • Throughout the year, we also schedule a catalog of courses in small groups that cover different levels and cultural topics, allowing students to step out of their comfort zones and experience the use of Italian by sharing their stories with other students.
Our group courses in Italian online

Our School Teachers

Our teachers are native Italian speakers trained to engage and involve students from all over the world. What makes them special is their diverse backgrounds and interests, which they happily share with their students during 1:1 classes and courses created with tireless creativity.

Our School Approach

Our teachers embrace an approach called CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning. This means language is considered as the medium of communication, not only the goal of the learning process. In other words, we aim to replicate the same situations one might experience when moving abroad and having to deal with daily challenges in a foreign language. As travelers, we believe this is the most efficient way to learn a language.

Why Choose Our School

The added value we offer our customers is the opportunity to feel part of a community, despite the distance. For this reason, we also organize internal projects dedicated to our students, such as the Italian writing contest, where students can experience writing a story directly in Italian with the help of their teacher.

We also love working with companies and organizations. We enjoy the challenge of creating customized courses for groups of employees, clients, or partners.

The Honest Origin of Online Italian Classes

Big things always have small beginnings

Barbara Bassi is the founder of the school, but a few years ago, she wouldn’t have thought she would become one. Her story begins in Piacenza, a provincial city like many in Italy, nestled between two regions in northern Italy, along the Po River.

Her studies in Milan at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, first in Sociology and then in Marketing, lead her to gain experiences in companies that help her better understand what she wants to do in life, which in few words is writing.

During a period in Spain, she starts experimenting with making a living through writing, offering her services to companies needing to communicate their identity on the web.

Writing and teaching, all about the Italian language

She becomes a digital writer and enjoys it very much, but at a certain point, she feels the need to step out of her comfort zone and expand her network.

In the meantime, she has returned to Italy, but the allure of life abroad hasn’t stopped fascinating her. She starts studying to become a teacher of Italian as a foreign language, obtains the CEDILS certification at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, and embarks on two teaching experiences in Poland and Croatia.

Upon returning to Italy, she begins collaborating with an online school, both as a teacher and as a writer of articles on teaching. This experience allows her to meet wonderful students, many of whom she encounters around the world, eventually becoming friends.

Passion for marketing and writing soon resurfaces and becomes her anchor when pregnancy and motherhood lead her to give up teaching. She dedicates herself entirely to a project she had nurtured in her spare time, which would become Online Italian Classes.

The Italian Stories In Italian Podcast

She starts telling Italian stories in a blog and recording episodes for the podcast ‘Italian Stories In Italian.’ Students from all over the world begin knocking on her door, and she needs to seek help. This is how the team of teachers at Online Italian Classes is formed – loyal, honest, and competent professionals dedicated to the students of the school with commitment and passion.

Today, Barbara lives in London, where she continues to create content for the vibrant community that has formed around the school and coordinates teaching projects with the supporting teachers. She looks forward to discovering what other exciting projects the future holds.

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