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Hello! This is Barbara speaking, from the North of Italy.
Every week I tell you a piece of my Italian life, in Italian of course. Every letter is addressed to an audience of students and people interested in Italian language and culture, no matter their level or culture. Why don’t you join us? You can subscribe here to receive the newsletter. I like to record every episode with my voice in order to make comprehension easier. Below you can listen to the previous episodes of this special Italian podcast. Enjoy!

1. Welcome to my new Italian podcast!

Have you ever taken a trip to cemetery? Well, in Italy this is pretty common these days…

>Transcription and Vocabulary<

2. A colourful Autumn in Italy

In this episode I tell you about the new Covid-19 rules that Italian government decides to establish.

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3. The jobs Italians don’t want to do

Look around. How many jobs can you see? For sure you are surrounded by objects made by someone or you are surrounded by someone doing any job. In this Italian podcast new episode I’m telling you what jobs Italians don’t want to do (and why).


4. The clothes that we wear

In this episode I tell you about how much attention and care Italians bring to appearance, even when they don’t realize that.

>Transcription and Vocabulary<

5. Music that makes you feel good

Today I reccomend you to put a pair of earphones on. This episode of my Italian podcast is all about music. Here there are some songs for you, that you can also find in the Spotify playlist I’ve just created for you.

  1. Anna e Marco – Lucio Dalla
  2. E ti vengo a cercare – Franco Battiato
  3. Il Pescatore – Fabrizio De Andr?
  4. Lo Sciamano – Davide Van De Sfroos

>Transcription and Vocabulary<

6. A love story (with something unexpected)

In this podcast episode I tell you about an unexpected event that happened to me during Christmas time. The picture shows a very traditional Christmas dish of my hometown: anolini.

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7. What did Santa Lucia bring you?

The real story of “Santa Lucia” according to the Italian tradition and an innovative idea for a special Christmas present.

>Transcription and Vocabulary<

8. Finestre sul mondo

In this episode I’m telling you about a very special present I received for Christmas. You’ll also discover some Italian traditions for this period of the year 🙂

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9. Le parole che cerchiamo

Today’s topic is words, the words we searched in the Internet during 2020. You’ll find out what Italians looked for during the past year and I’m sure you’ll ended up with interesting questions about you and your country.

>Transcription and Translation<

10. Cosa significa studiare in Italia?

Today’s episode is about school. You’ll find out how the Italian school system works and what a “grembiule” is.


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