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How’s life in Italy?

Read and listen to Barbara’s Italian story in Italian, every week.

We know that learning a foreign language can be hard. Grammar books are necessary, but they don’t make the difference.

What about reading what’s going on in Italy from the point of view of a native speaker? What if you could listen to her voice too?

Well, with this newsletter you‘ll hear about life in Italy as nobody never told you.

Every week Barbara will send you a letter about her life in Italy, with a recording of her voice and the vocabulary to help your comprehension.

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Barbara looks forward to telling you her many stories.

2 thoughts on “Learn Italian for free with our newsletter

  1. This would be a useful addition to my Italian listening and comprehension development however – as in almost all other videos / podcasts – I cannot concentrate on the spoken words because of the background music. I honestly don’t understand why it is necessary to include it, the story / conversations are interesting enough without it.
    It is a shame that I can’t listen to it but I will use the transcript to focus on the grammar and sentence structure and new words.
    Thank you Barbara for the time it takes you to produce these stories.

    1. Thank you so much for your helpful feedback Catherine! Speaking of the background music, I would see it as an additional obstacle, something closer to real life situations, where you can’t avoid the background noise (think you’re in an Italian “caffetteria” and you’re trying to listen to someone speaking to you in Italian while many other people are speaking!)… what do you think?

      PS. Thank you so much for following my stories. It means a lot to me.

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