Gift for a special one: 15 GBP or more!

£15,00 inc. Tax

  • Choose the amount of the gift card-coupon by increasing the number next to the “Add to cart” button.
  • That is, the amount of the coupon can be: 15 or 30 or 45 or 70 or 85 GBP and so on…
  • Then simply make the purchase.
  • Remember you can write a note in your order if you need to tell us something about your special person.
  • You’ll be contacted by our team in order to customize the coupon and plan the delivery in the way that suits you the most.
  • For example, we could send you an email with the customised gift card attached, so that you can print it out or we could send it to your special person at the time and date you prefer!


For Christmas, birthdays or any occasions, this special gift card is valid on every product you’ll find on Online Italian Classes shop such as the online individual lesson packs or the CLIL courses.

The gift card-coupon expiration date is one year after the purchase. You can always contact the admin team for asking to extend the duration.

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