Just Conversation In Italian About 6 Different Topics

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This online course is led by multiple teachers from our team, each proposing different topics of conversation for each session. You will be encouraged by the teacher to express your opinions in Italian and practice your interactive skills in Italian in a small and international group (2-6 participants).

Duration, Price and Time:

  • 6 online meetings
  • 6 weeks (once per week)
  • 9 hours in total (90 minutes per meeting)
  • ÂŁ 16.6 per hour
  • 8 pm Italy time (CET until the end of March, CEST then)

2024 Calendar:

  • 5 March (8 pm CET) – “Comfort Zone: positiva o negativa?” with Barbara
  • 12 March (8 pm CET) – “Vivere in campagna o in cittĂ ?” with Sara
  • 19 March (8 pm CET) –  “PerchĂ© (non) leggere i classici” with Laura
  • 26 March (8 pm CET) – “L’adolescenza secondo te” with Letizia
  • 2 April (8 pm CEST) –  “Che posto ha l’arte nella tua vita” with Silvia
  • 9 April (8 pm CEST) – “Social Media: il buono, il brutto e il cattivo” with Elisa
  • 16 April (8 pm CEST) – (Rescheduled) “Vivere in campagna o in cittĂ ?” with Sara

See description with topics


This course consists of 6 online meetings. 


Comfort Zone: Positiva o Negativa? – Parliamo di come ci si sente dentro e fuori dalla nostra “zona di conforto” con l’aiuto di una famosa poesia italiana. L’insegnante per questa sessione è Barbara.



Vivere in campagna o in cittĂ ? – Due ambienti diversi, diversi colori, diversi pro e contro. E tu dove vivi? O dove vorresti vivere e perchĂ©? Parliamone insieme e confrontiamoci per scoprire nuove prospettive. L’insegnante per questa sessione è Sara.


PerchĂ© (non) leggere i classici? – Parliamo del nostro approccio alla lettura con l’aiuto delle due famose sorelle italiane che hanno rivoluzionato un genere letterario. L’insegnante per questa sessione è Laura.



L’adolescenza secondo te – Tutti siamo stati adolescenti e qualcuno di noi si trova ora ad affrontare l’adolescenza dei propri figli. Come hai vissuto la tua adolescenza e cosa è cambiato oggi? L’insegnante per questa sessione è Letizia.



Arte e cultura: che posto hanno nella tua vita? – Parliamo del peso dell’arte e della cultura nella nostra vita quotidiana, specialmente quando non ce ne rendiamo conto. L’insegnante per questa sessione è Silvia.



Social media: il Buono, il Brutto e il Cattivo – Com’è cambiata la nostra vita prima e dopo i social media? Cosa hanno portato di buono e cosa di cattivo? Raccontiamo la nostra esperienza e che effetti hanno i social media sulle nostre vite. L’insegnante di questa sessione è Elisa.





  • Can I buy only the lessons I’m interested in?

This is a short and intensive course: only 6 lessons. Each lesson is 90-minute long and costs £ 25 (£ 16.6 per hour). We recommend to buy the entire course for £ 150, but you can also choose to attend only the sessions you are interested in. In the case you want to attend more than one session but not the entire course, please make multiple orders.

  • What happens if I can’t attend a lesson?

We understand participants may miss a lesson in a group course due to various reasons. In the case of short courses participants who miss one lesson may receive a coupon as a refund for one missed lesson with a maximum of two. Please note that in order to qualify for the coupon, you must inform the admin team (email addressed to info[@]onlineitalianclasses.com) of your non-attendance at least 24 hours before the lesson starts. Customers will be able to use the coupon for buying any product on the Online Italian Classes shop.

  • What happens if I’m not able to inform the admin team in time?

In this scenario you can still email the admin team (email addressed to info[@]onlineitalianclasses.com) explaining your reasons for non-attendance and ask for the coupon. The admin team will evaluate your request at their discretion.

  • What happens if the course doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants?

If the course you bought doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants, we will send you a £150 coupon code, which will be valid on any product on the Online Italian Classes shop (for example, you can use it for buying a pack of one-to-one lessons and ask for an individual course about the same topic and led by the same teacher of the course).

  • How do I know if my level of Italian is OK for this course?

This course is suitable for intermediate learners of Italian (from B1), which means the teacher will speak slowly and will help your understanding by typing the most difficult words on the screen or in the chat box. She will also encourage you to interrupt her in any moments if you need a clarification or have questions. This course is not suitable for complete beginners in Italian, but It’s totally fine for the participants to make mistakes and not understand everything. Please check the CEFR self-assessment grid if you have any doubts and remember that what your teacher needs from you in order to make things work is just motivation and the will to learn.

  • No more places for this course?

We may schedule another one. Please fill this form to let us know your preferences.


Additional information

Select what sessions you want to attend

19 March – “Perché (non) leggere i classici” with Laura, 26 March – “L’adolescenza secondo te” with Letizia, 2 April – “Che posto ha l’arte nella tua vita” with Silvia, 9 April – “Social Media: il buono, il brutto e il cattivo” with Elisa, 16 April – “Vivere in campagna o in città?” with Sara


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