The Online Italian Course For Comic Lovers | B1/B2 Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate

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  • Online Italian course for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners (from A2 to B1)
  • Of particular interest to comic lovers and people curious about Italian comics
  • 4 lessons, 1 hour each
  • Small groups: min. 3 – max. 5 participants
  • Led by Laura, professional Italian teacher (and comic lover!)
  • Place: online (Zoom)
  • Time and dates: not defined yet.

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What is this course about?

This course is about the history of Italian Comics, including a case study: the famous “Corto Maltese” by Hugo Pratt. Laura, a professional Italian teacher and comic lover, will take you into the Italian world of comics, where to discover fun and cultural facts and where to practice Italian with the help of illustrations. You’ll have fun, meet new friends and speak Italian, of course!


  • Can I buy only the lessons I’m interested in?

This is a short and intensive course: only 4 lessons. Each lesson costs 15 euros but you can only buy the entire course for 60 euros.

  • What happens if I can’t attend a lesson?

We understand participants may miss a lesson in a group course due to various reasons. In the case of short courses (consisting of only 4 lessons) participants who miss one lesson may receive a 15 euro-coupon code as a refund for only one missed lesson. Please note that in order to qualify for the coupon, you must inform the admin (email addressed to info[@] at least 24 hours before the lesson starts. Customers will be able to use the coupon code for buying any product on the Online Italian Classes shop.

  • What happens if I’m not able to inform the admin team in time?

In this scenario you can still email the admin team (email addressed to info[@] explaining your reasons for non-attendance, and ask for the coupon. The admin team will then evaluate your request at their discretion.

  • What happens if the course doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants?

If the course you bought doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants, you’ll have the opportunity to get an individual course about the same topic and led by the same teacher of the course. For the value of 60 euros you’ll receive 3 individual online lessons of Italian, each of 30 minutes duration. Otherwise, you can choose to receive a 60-euro coupon code, which will be valid on any product on the Online Italian Classes shop.

  • How do I know if my level of Italian is OK for this course?

This course is suitable for learners ranging from levels B1 (Pre-Intermediate) to B2 (Intermediate), which means – despite making some mistakes – you are able to follow a teacher who is speaking in Italian and to interact with people speaking clear Italian. Please check the CEFR self-assessment grid if you have any doubts and remember that what your teacher really needs from you – in order to make things work – is just motivation and the will to learn.

  • No more sits for this course?

We may schedule another one. Please fill this form to let us know your preferences.

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