The Online Italian Course of Folklore in Italy

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  • Online Italian course for intermediate and upper-intermediate learners (from B1)
  • Of particular interest to people curious about Italian culture and folklore, especially traditional Italian feasts (read the full description and the reviews)
  • 4 lessons per term
  • 1,5 hour each
  • Small groups: min. 2 – max. 6 participants
  • Led by Laura, professional Italian teacher and Phd Anthropologist
  • Place: online (Google Meet)
  • Time: to be agreed with the teacher (check your time with a time converter)


  • In the event that we do not reach the minimum number of participants to start the course, you will receive a coupon for the value of the course which you can use to purchase any product on our site. We will also try to reschedule the course at a suitable time for you.
  • If you can’t make it this time, please fill this form to let us know your preferences.
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What is this course about?

This course is about Italian culture, especially the folklore in Italy. Laura, a social anthropologist, has chosen four ancient feasts that are still celebrated in certain areas of Italy and could appear very strange to outsiders (even Italians!). The origins of those feasts stay in the grey area between sacred and profane, where Laura will take you to! With the help of many pictures, videos and questions you will be encouraged to answer (in Italian, of course!) and to discuss cultural issues. Are you ready to improve your Italian skills with a professional teacher and the new international friends you’ll make during these four online meetings?

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First term: you’ll explore a peculiar tradition that is celebrated in the Italian regions of Friuli, Puglia, Piemonte and Abruzzo.

Second term: you’ll explore a peculiar tradition that is celebrated in the Italian regions of Basilicata, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Lazio.



  • Can I buy only the lessons I’m interested in?

This is a short and intensive course: only 4 lessons (first term) + another 4 lesson course (second term). Each lesson is 90 minutes long and costs 25 GBP (16.6 GBP per hour) but you can buy at least one term for 100 GBP (or both for 200 GBP).

  • What happens if I can’t attend a lesson?

We understand participants may miss a lesson in a group course due to various reasons. In the case of short courses (consisting of only 4 lessons) participants who miss one lesson may receive a 25 GBP-coupon as a refund for one missed lesson (up to two if you bought the whole course). Please note that in order to qualify for the coupon, you must inform the admin team (email addressed to info[@] of your non-attendance at least 24 hours before the lesson starts. Customers will be able to use the coupon for buying any product on the Online Italian Classes shop.

  • What happens if I’m not able to inform the admin team in time?

In this scenario, you can still email the admin team (email addressed to info[@] explaining your reasons for non-attendance and ask for the coupon. The admin team will then evaluate your request at their discretion.

  • What happens if the course doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants?

If the course you bought doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants, we will send you a 100-GBP or 200-GBP coupon code – accordingly to the amount of your purchase – which will be valid on any product on the Online Italian Classes shop (for example, you can use it for buying a pack of one-to-one lessons and ask for an individual course about the same topic and led by the same teacher of the course).

  • How do I know if my level of Italian is OK for this course?

This course is suitable for learners ranging from levels B1 (Intermediate) to B2 (Upper-Intermediate) or more, which means – despite making mistakes and encountering obstacles – you can enter unprepared into conversation on topics that are familiar, of personal interest or pertinent to everyday life and even take an active part in the discussion. Please check the CEFR self-assessment grid if you have any doubts and remember that what your teacher really needs from you – in order to make things work – is just curiosity about the topic and the will to share your point of you with the participants.

  • No more places for this course?

We may schedule another one. Please fill this form to let us know your preferences.

Additional information

Italian Folklore

Private Course First Term (4 sessions), Private Course Second Term (4 sessions), Private Course Both Terms (8 sessions)

6 reviews for The Online Italian Course of Folklore in Italy

  1. Mary G (verified owner)

    A really fun and interesting way to improve your Italian. Laura – who is an anthropologist as well as a language teacher – is an engaging and enthusiastic teacher, who encourages everyone in the group. You will learn a great deal about traditional Italian festivals, as well as the geography, history and culture of Italy. You will feel as if you are visiting Italy!

  2. Philippa B. (verified owner)

    The Italian Folklore 2 Course is the second of the Italian Folklore Courses with Laura. I had attended the first course last year and thoroughly enjoyed that.
    This second course was just as fascinating as the first, each week we focused on a different festival and culture and history of Italy.
    Laura made it a very inclusive experience for us all. The sessions were recorded and the materials shared with us – so we can review at any time
    I would definitely recommend both these courses – I found it

  3. Michal Evans (verified owner)

    An interesting and enjoyable course. Laura made us all feel comfortable from the start and ensured that we were all able to contribute, helping us out with our Italian when we needed it. The festivals covered were fascinating and clearly linked to the culture and countryside of the relevant region. Each festival was amply illustrated with photos and videos. (I’m still having nightmares about the snakes!) This was a great way of practising my Italian in a context different from a usual lesson.
    Thank you , Laura!

  4. Bridget

    I really enjoyed this course; besides learning about some very interesting, unusual customs, it provided a good opportunity for speaking and understanding spontaneous spoken Italian. The lessons were carefully and thoughtfully prepared and being able to view them afterwards was a really good learning aid (aside from the huge embarrassment of hearing my own mistakes ….ma si impara sbagliando..). Laura was molto simpatico e gentile. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging. Thank you Laura, thank you Barbata for facilitating so efficiently.

  5. Laura (verified owner)

    This was a very interesting and enjoyable course. Laura chose some very interesting examples of festivals in different areas of Italy, so we learned a lot about the culture and and traditions as well as improving our Italian. Laura is very knowledgeable as well as being a very kind and encouraging teacher. All the lessons were well-prepared and well-paced. I would highly recommend.

  6. Lisa (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the Italian Folklore class. As a student of the Italian language, I have been looking for classes taught in Italian to Italian-language learners about Italian history, art, culture, etc. I can’t wait to sign up for the next class.

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