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Online presents: good ideas to surprise your loved ones

best online presents

In an era where we?re recognizing the importance of a less wasteful and eco-friendly lifestyle, in an era where living well means a life of experience rather than a life of material goods? we?ve got some of the best online presents ideas to help you through your gift-giving struggles!

Online presents: how to be original

We know everyone has a busy schedule these days, whether it?s being a mom, working long hours, or maybe going to too many holiday parties! So we first searched online presents UK just to get an idea of what easy gifts are being offered. As expected, the selection of online presents ? ranging from personalized letterboxes to golf balls are endless. Megawatt online retailer Amazon will also leave you breathless with deals that are fast, prolific, and easy to ship — especially for the last minute gift-givers. But while the goal is not to damper the joys of gift giving, we think you can do better and come up with some better ideas to replace physical gifts. So we?re going to talk about experiential gifts as online presents.

When we searched online for ideas on experience gifting, we found some decent ideas like concert tickets or dinner at restaurants. These ideas were perhaps getting a little more interesting. After all, time and time again, research shows that treasured moments are long-remembered and cherished versus material gifts (Unless maybe if it was handmade Shutterfly photo book. But unfortunately, who has time for that?) Here are some more online presents ideas for your friends and family that we came up with!

Online presents for friends to clean up his/her life!

Marie Kondo, the remarkable minimalist organizer, has inspired the world to spark joy by decluttering our lives. There is a spirit in ?things.? If we clean and organize our physical environment and only keep what we truly value, we are surrounding ourselves with divine energy and love. In light the wisdom of this cleaning guru, we thought some perfect online presents for friends could be a cleaning session or hiring a closet organizer. We know it?s cheating to have someone else do the work. It seems the cathartic process is most truly beneficial to uplifting and recharging your life if you get on your knees to deep clean your own bathroom.

But, because it?s your friend?s birthday, and you?re looking for cool online birthday presents to buy online, we think that easing him or her into the process will be a great way begin the journey. So how about a one-time house cleaning session?

Dana Claudat of the Tao of Dana also speaks to a newly designed and recharged life which can only happen when you clear out clutter to make more room for space. Cleaning actually brings out more more peace of mind, happiness, health and even wealth.

Or what about a feng shui session to make sure your living environment is most optimal for your health, wealth, love and happiness? Online presents are easy to buy, but make use of an online consultation that can really make a difference!

Online Christmas presents that encourage pursuits

Continuing on the journey for experiential moments that last, we think that classes are great that anyone can enjoy. If you know something about your friend or family member, likely you know what they enjoy doing in their free time, or what they?ve always said they have wanted to pursue. These days, there are lots of online subscriptions to learn from experts of specific fields. Inspiring a loved one to take his/her passion more seriously is a great gift idea.

There are business courses, design courses, and language courses, for example that would make for some thoughtful online presents. One interesting option would be to do a general subscription to a website like MasterClass. They range from taking a class from Chef Thomas Keller to Fashion Editor Anna Wintour to Annie Leibovitz, celebrity photographer, to Poker professional Daniel Negreanu. Some fascinating people to hear from, at the very least!

But another, more personable exchange can be through online skype language courses. For example, how about Italian language classes. There are some great resources out there. Why not get an instructor to engage with your loved one via Skype ? it?s authentic! If your loved one can?t quite make it to Italy this year, perhaps get/him her started with an intro to Italian conversation course with a local, qualified instructor. Not only is it fun and interactive and culturally enriching, for sure it?s a nice way to remove yourself from the day-to-day. How nice would it be to engage with a foreign person for a cultural exchange without leaving your home?

Don?t forget, there?s not better time than winter to stay on your sofa with a warm blanket on your knees and your laptop ready for meetup with your tutor. Have a hot cup of tea ? or mulled wine (you?re allowed to drink during the lesson!) We think this is one of the best online presents ideas you can give to a loved one.

Sincere, well-intentioned gifts can be purchased online, even at the last minute. You can find all kinds of services and experiences online these days. Here are some ideas to get your heart flowing with gratitude for your loved ones.